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Dr. Katharina Egert

Supply Chain Data Science Project Manager

Katharina Egert has studied Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy at Darmstadt, Germany and Lund, Sweden. After completing her master’s degree, she has obtained a PhD in mathematics which included a six-months research stay at The University of Tokyo and Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

She worked both as a data analyst and data scientist in Paris, France focusing on applications in supply chains. She is interested in end-to-end solutions for strategic inventory management decisions such as purchasing, dispatching or inventory-risk pricing. As a consultant, she worked for clients in retail such as fashion eCommerce platforms as well as industry. For her, a key ingredient to meaningful supply chain decisions is the embracing of risks: Usually, it is not the average demand situation, but the extreme cases that poses challenges to any supply chain.

Her team ranked 6th out of 909 competing teams in the Kaggle M5 forecasting competition predicting Walmart sales.

Currently, she is a project manager at DB Fernverkehr AG: Their supply chain management is in charge of managing stock of train repair parts across its national warehousing network.


Intelligent inventory management for a complex spare parts supply chain

Lean Leader Summit 2024

DB Fernverkehr AG’s supply chain is currently driven by a classical time-series forecast and reorder point planning procedures. This approach proves to be insufficient to manage new parts for new train series as well as complex repair life cycles of bigger components.

In her talk, Katharina highlights the most exciting steps in her journey to apply her AI toolkit to enable DB Fernverkehr to reach their economic availability targets for stocks in line with their “Strong Rail” initiative.


DB Fernverkehr AG (DB Long-Distance)

At DB Long-Distance, we provide our passengers with fast, comfortable, and eco-friendly travel within Germany and 14 other European countries.

In line with our core identity, we are motivated to connect people and overcome distances with the help of more than 500 ICE- and Intercity-trains, bringing over 400.000 passengers to their destinations every day. With its strategy “Germany needs strong rail”, DB Long-Distance´s goal is to double the number of passengers in long-distance transport and help transfer more traffic to the rail so that European climate goals can be achieved. Every journey on DB Long-Distance trains is an active contribution towards climate neutrality among other things through a green electricity share of 100%, investment in more modern and energy-efficient trains and CO₂-neutral maintenance at a growing number of depots.

DB Long-Distance aims to offer its passengers the best journey possible. With more than 19.000 employees, our company operates an extensive network of over 800 daily long-distance rail services in Germany, connecting various regions all over the country with its train fleet. In addition to the national service, we offer around 250 transnational connections to more than 80 European cities daily – primarily through collaborations with our European partners. With over 170 locations for the provision of trains all over Germany and ten locations for train maintenance, the trains of DB Long-Distance are prepared for their assignments.

In order to provide our customers with the most convenient and eco-friendly journey, DB Long-Distance relies on various digital and personal services. This includes Wi-Fi for all our passengers within the entire ICE-fleet. DB Long-Distance also operates 300 on-board restaurants and bistros, offering high-quality cuisine to its passengers. Additionally, there are a total of 15 DB Lounges at selected rail stations where passengers can find elegant seating areas, a stylish ambience, and attentive service for an enjoyable stay. With its BahnBonus loyalty program and BahnCards, we enable customers to save money on every journey and are continuing to create incentives to encourage even more climate-friendly rail travel.

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