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Dr. Marc Lankhorst

Managing Consultant & Chief Technology Evangelist


As Managing Consultant and Chief Technology Evangelist at Bizzdesign, I contribute to Bizzdesign’s vision, market development, consulting and coaching on digital business design and enterprise architecture. I am closely involved in the development of the ArchiMate® language for enterprise architecture modeling, an Open Group standard. My expertise and interests range from enterprise architecture and business process management to service orientation, agile methods and digital business design.

I am active as a consultant and teacher on enterprise architecture. I advise organizations on improving their business design and architecture competence and practice, using Bizzdesign’s portfolio of services, methods, techniques and tools. Most of my experience is with clients from the public and financial sectors.

In the past, I have managed the ArchiMate project, a major cooperation between several partners from government, industry and academia, concerned with modelling, visualization and analysis of enterprise architectures, which developed the international ArchiMate standard for enterprise architecture modelling (http://www.archimate.org, now an Open Group standard). Next to this, I have been responsible for several other major projects on topics such as integrated e-government services, architectures for multichannel management, agile methods for service development, and semantic interoperability.

My contributions to the enterprise architecture community include being a former board member of the Netherlands Architecture Forum (NAF, http://www.naf.nl) and leading the further development of the ArchiMate standard within the ArchiMate Forum of The Open Group. I am an experienced speaker at architecture-related conferences and other events.

I have a MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Twente (1991) and a PhD from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (1996) and am TOGAF 9, ArchiMate 3, IT4IT and SAFe Agilist certified.




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