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Dr. Selmin Danış Öncül

Head of Enterprise Architecture Corporate

E.ON Digital Technology

Dr. Selmin Danış Öncül, Head of Enterprise Architecture Corporate at E.ON, is a highly accomplished professional renowned for driving business transformation and strategic IT solutions. With a Ph.D. in Engineering Management, their expertise in enterprise architecture includes optimizing application utilization, enhancing operational excellence, and fostering digitalization. Their exceptional leadership skills have shaped E.ON’s architecture framework, ensuring efficient operations. Recognized as a trusted advisor and influencer, Dr. Öncül’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions has earned them respect in the industry. Their track record of accomplishments and forward-thinking approach continue to revolutionize enterprise architecture practices, inspiring professionals across the field.

The Pop in Your Job
Working in Enterprise Architecture is joyful as I can see the big picture among a huge organization and have a chance to build the future target IT landscape to reach the capability set that the company wants to have. Also, working in a trusted and unbiased department which tries to guide and govern the whole digital transformation is both a challenge and very satisfying.


How enterprise architecture supports sustainability in IT?

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Sustainability is one of the core critic topics for most of the companies nowadays. This topic has dimensions like social, economical and environmental. When it comes to IT, our responsibility is not only to provide digital solutions to support sustainability initiatives like decarbonization but also reflect this concept to our discipline. Business continuity, designing robust systems and adapting to changes in system capacity requirements is important. To do that, which practices of enterprise architecture do we need to apply in an agile environment? Which risks do we have in terms of resources? The final aim is always supporting the processes with digital solutions in a sustainable environment.


E.ON Digital Technology

We love technology.

E.ON Digital Technology is a group-wide business function which manages and implements the digital transformation of E.ON SE, an internationally active private energy company that focuses on energy networks, customer solutions and renewable energies. With around 3500 employees in 11 countries E.ON Digital Technology aims at evolving to a multifaceted, guiding business partner for platforms, services and smart solutions with highly skilled people.

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