Cristina Popa

Partner at consistency | Strategic Advisor at contractuo


An entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for business psychology define Cristina Popa. For 17 years, Cristina has been driving changes in various companies, from startups to industrial firms and top publicly traded corporations. As a partner of the successful and multi-award-winning management consulting firm consistency, Cristina has played a pivotal role in scaling the company from 10 employees in Germany to a team of 70 across Germany, Austria, and the UK, expanding the business model and founding new ventures.

Leading as the CEO of contractuo, Cristina has steered the company from beta phase to establishing a strong market presence. Her strategic acumen has been instrumental in shaping the go-to-market strategy and driving growth. With a focus on organizational maturity, she has implemented efficient structures and processes, enhancing overall efficiency and scalability.

With nearly two decades of diverse industry experience, Cristina’s thirst for knowledge remains insatiable. She thrives on exploring topics such as organizational development, digital transformations, and energy transition. Inspired by groundbreaking technologies, innovative minds, and profound discussions, Cristina constantly seeks new inspiration and opportunities to make a lasting impact.



Legal documents and contracts are at the basis of your company and all of its interactions. Together, they form the blueprint of every organization but unfortunately it is often not transparent what is governed by them or against which conditions. Our solutions are solving these problems.

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