Lean Leader Summit


Dr. Markus Schmotz


Wertwandler GmbH

Physicists are better at understanding people

“Contrary to the archetypal image of physicists with corduroy trousers and knitted sweaters, I love working with people. Physics has taught me to think in systems and people always form complex systems.”

Markus is an Agile-Lean-catalyst who understands how to combine adaptive leadership, systemic self-reflection and value creation for exceptional results. He is fascinated by the interaction between people and the systems around them – across the boundaries of methodologies and frameworks. Over the past 15 years, he has worked in various leadership positions and organizational formats along the value chain. Markus introduced Agile ways of working into teams, led a global Lean & Leadership transformation of 30 production sites, trained +200 leaders and managers, saved one company from closure and was the driving force behind a group-wide culture initiative.

Now he works in the sweet spot between Agile, Lean and Leadership. There he combines the best of all three worlds to help companies be effective and efficient at the same time.

In his spare time, Markus enjoys spending time with his lively family and is chairman of a tennis club. He enjoys cooking, listening to heavy metal music and reading epic fantasy novels.


Games leaders' play

Lean Leader Summit 2024

In order to transform an organization, leaders need to transform themselves.

To do so, leaders need to take a mindset shift from "OR" thinking to "AND"-thinking. They need to realize the opportunity they hold in their hands, namely: consciously shaping the system their organization lives in. This in turn shapes the entire culture. In a sense leaders have to play a different game than their teams to be successful throughout the transformation.

Based on a short, interactive live game, I will highlight different mindsets, that are prevalent in today's leaders. From their we will explore how leaders play a different game, than their teams, and what mindsets are most supportive for the transformation.

I'll close with some conrete advise and handy tips for leaders to up their game!


Wertwandler GmbH

Wertwandler GmbH is a boutique training and consulting firm, based in Bern, Switzerland. Founded in 2021 it heavily grew and now boasts 8 full-time coaches. Its core offer evolves around systemic team and organizational design and coaching, as well as accredited training of Kanban Management and the Agile Leadership Journey program. The growth also heralds the advent of new topics, like „Agile in Hardware“ and „Combining Lean with Agile“.

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