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Dr. Wolfgang Göbl


Intersection Group

Wolfgang Goebl is the founder and President of the Intersection Group and an Enterprise Design Coach and IT Enterprise Architect at Austrian Power Grid. He is one of the authors of the book “Enterprise Design Patterns” and the EDGY language for collaborative Enterprise Design (www.enterprise.design).


How to set up an impactful collaborative Enterprise Architecture practice

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Enterprise Architecture Management has been around for four decades now. Many promises were made by this discipline, yet today most enterprises still don't have intentionally designed business and IT architectures. Executives, organisation-, product-, service- or software designers co-create the reality in companies in parallel, often ignoring each other's work. Enterprise Architects usually have some impact on IT application landscapes, but only a very limited impact on enterprise architectures.

This talk presents Intersection Group's approach "EDGY" that connects existing disciplines to enable collaborative co-design by the many true architects of the enterprise. In this approach Enterprise Architects shift more to a coaching/facilitation role connecting the dots of co-designers.

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Intersection Group

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We develop tools for practitioners from various disciplines to create better enterprises together. We run a community of professionals, a global conference series, and a line of publications to pursue this purpose. We are a not for profit association based in Vienna and active globally.

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