Lean Leader Summit


Eva Garske

Senior Enterprise Architect

C&A Services GmbH & Co. OHG

Eva Garske is Senior Enterprise Architect in the Tech Strategy department of C&A.

She has been working in IT architecture roles for 10 years, driving architecture mainly in ecommerce, omni channel and merchandise visibility areas and currently creating the target enterprise architecture for C&A at a global level. As a certified agile leader, she is an key player in agile & digital transformations, founder of two communities of practice, as well as a passionate contributor to the culture and employee engagement team, transforming the ways of working based on growth mindset and agile values. It is her mission to foster transparency and collaboration by connecting and enabling people, empowering everyone to do become their best self, grow their skills and thrive.


Beyond Change: Leading multiple transformation strategies for an agile and future-ready digital organization

Lean Leader Summit 2024

C&A is undergoing strategic transformations to grow as a modern, sustainable and customer centric fashion retailor. This includes modernizing the brand, business models and the organization. In the tech department, a spectrum of transformations across various aspects and layers requires strategic orchestration and alignment. These include agile, technology, product, organization, culture and digital transformation. Insights will be shared about the strategies, challenges and concepts, as well as deep-dives on example use cases and lessons learned.

Conquering the challenges of lean architecture co-creation – Lessons learned und best practices aus der Architekturgestaltung

Lean EAM Konferenz 2021

Bei Architekturarbeit in kleineren Initiativen und unternehmensweiten Transformationen werden Architekt*innen mit zahlreichen Herausforderungen konfrontiert, die die Nutzengenerierung und Zusammenarbeit erschweren.

Viele parallel laufende Projekte mit ambitionierten Timelines sind oft der Standard. Geringes Verständnis des Werts von Architektur bei überlasteten Stakeholdern und mangelnde Kommunikation zwischen Teams führen dazu, dass isoliert voneinander Lösungen für dieselben Probleme erarbeitet werden. Dies sind nur einige der Hindernisse, die es zu überwinden gilt.

Eine Architekturgovernance, die auf das Wesentliche fokussiert, hilft sehr effizient beim Aufbau einer nachhaltigen Unternehmensarchitektur, ohne als Verzögerer zu wirken. Stakeholder, die schnell den Nutzen der Architekturarbeit sehen werden zu Sponsoren. Der Aufbau eines gemeinsamen Architekturmodels und regelmäßiger Austausch kann den Zusammenhalt der Architekturgemeinschaft fördern. Hierbei helfen kreative Herangehensweisen, um die einzelnen Herausforderungen zu überwinden.

Der Vortrag gibt Einblick darüber, welche Methoden sich als Best Practices herausgestellt haben und wie diese bei C&A eingesetzt werden, um die Transformationen von Prozessen und IT Systemen zu beschleunigen. Innerhalb kurzer Zeit konnte mit Key Stakeholdern aus essentiellen Informationen ein kollaboratives Architekturmodell gestaltet und die Architektur Community bei C&A gestärkt und weiterentwickelt werden.


C&A Services GmbH & Co. OHG

Ever since our founding by the brothers Clemens and August in 1841, C&A has been at the forefront of fashion. From making 'ready-to-wear'​ a thing when custom-made was the norm, to popularising miniskirts in the 60s, introducing the Com-bi-kini in the 70s, Bio Cotton in early 2000 and the first Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified garment (www.c-a.com/c2c) in 2017 - we have always evolved with the times, making stylish and quality clothes possible for everyone. And while C&A and the world around us has changed over the decades, one thing has remained the same: our dedication to offering sustainable and quality fashion for the entire family.

Each day we welcome over two million visitors in about 1300 stores across 17 European countries. C&A is one of the most enduring and pioneering retailer brands in global apparel. That is because, for us the future is not tomorrow, or next quarter. We think in generations. This also means that we aspire for a future fashion industry that is more innovative and sustainable; one that has moved towards a circular future, and promotes a cycle of use, reuse and rebirth of clothing.

That future will be possible because of our remarkable colleagues. From customer friendly Sales Associates to stylish Designers and expert Merchandise Planners – we all share a common passion and respect for our customers, our planet and each other.

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