Lean Leader Summit


Frank Rehfeldt

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Atruvia AG

Frank Rehfeldt is a mathematician and after working as a software developer and architect, he currently works as an enterprise architect at Atruvia AG. His passion is finding out how to make sound, long-term decisions in an extremely volatile environment.


Strategic Thinking: A Key Ingredient in Enterprise Architecture

Lean Leader Summit 2024

In discussions pertaining to architecture, it is commonplace to incorporate the topic of strategy. However, it is imperative to define the concept of strategy. In this presentation, we shall delve into the essence of strategic thinking and its role in the formulation of sound strategies. We will draw insights from the experiences of a former chess world champion to exemplify the process of strategy development and its application in the context of enterprise architectures.

Following this presentation, attendees will possess the capability to promptly discern suboptimal strategies and be equipped with the knowledge required to craft exemplary strategies.


Atruvia AG

Atruvia AG is the digitalization partner in the cooperative financial group. The company combines decades of expertise in banking and information technology. The IT solutions and services tailored specifically to banks range from data center operations and the Atruvia banking process to app development. The company uses forward-looking technologies such as smart data and places great emphasis on process optimization and regulation.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe and Münster, with branches in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin, the company currently employs more than 9,000 people in the group of companies, who together generate an annual group turnover of around 1.82 billion euros. Atruvia's customers include around 730 Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken in Germany, the companies of the cooperative financial group as well as numerous private banks and companies from other sectors, including ADAC. Atruvia manages around 154,000 banking workstations and administers almost 85 million customer accounts. With over 28,000 self-service machines nationwide, the company ensures a smooth cash supply throughout the country.

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