Lean Leader Summit


Julian Ludwig

Senior Sales Engineer

LeanIX GmbH

Julian Ludwig, LeanIX Senior Sales Engineer, joined LeanIX in 2018. Initially in Customer Support and Customer Success Engineer, Julian evolved into a subject matter expert in Enterprise Architecture and SaaS solutions, helping customers overcome technical hurdles. In his current role as a Sales Engineer, Julian supports customers to uncover and overcome business challenges and demonstrate the value of LeanIX by developing custom customer solutions.


LeanIX GmbH

Enabling organizations to continuously transform.

LeanIX’s Continuous Transformation Platform® offers SaaS solutions to help IT architects, IT asset managers, business leaders, and DevOps teams achieve transparency and control over their enterprise architecture, SaaS, and microservices landscapes. In a great workplace, employees are more engaged by having information in an understandable context and by feeling confident that decisions are made based on facts. LeanIX is the single source of truth for Corporate IT and Product IT to create transparency of the present and derive actions, shaping the future in an understandable business context. We are offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for managing Enterprise Architecture and multi-cloud environments to enable organizations to take faster, data-driven decisions in their IT.

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