Lean Leader Summit


Melanie Wohnert

Managing Partner


Agile individuals shape agile companies – not the other way around.

Melanie Wohnert is like a free radical: continuously evolving and engaging in transformative interactions with her environment.

With a mathematics degree, Melanie boasts over 20 years of professional experience in the IT industry. As a project manager and leader, she has spearheaded large-scale agile projects involving up to 140 team members, both onshore and offshore.

Agility and mindfulness have profoundly influenced Melanie’s life, initiating gradual yet profound changes. Today, Melanie serves as a leadership trainer, guiding pathways to enhanced agility, mindfulness, and compassion within companies. Moreover, she mentors instructors for “Mindfulness in Organizations” (MIO) and has founded a nonprofit school initiative called mindscool.


Hey, Leaders: The Grassroots Transformation is Complete. It's Your Turn!

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Over the past 15 years, significant changes have revolutionized our approach to work: Lean, Agile, Continuous <everything>... just to name a few. Much of this transformation has been established at the team level, evolving into cross-team collaboration.

While the business world seems to be undergoing a fundamental transformation, one aspect remains surprisingly non-agile and non-lean across most organizations: management.

The time is ripe for a leadership shift!

That's why, in this presentation, I aim to inspire all leaders to embrace real change: Change from within. Together, we will explore the essential leadership skills of today. These skills are not innate but rather learnable and trainable. As with anything that's trainable, it's merely a matter of will.

Embarking on a learning journey - or a transformation adventure - suddenly reveals doors we've never noticed before. Real change is adventurous and can be incredibly fulfilling - far more than yet another restructuring - and most importantly, it makes us feel alive.

Hey, Leaders: it’s your turn. Get ready. Get excited.


Think Y GbR

THINK Y: Putting People First - Humanity at the Core

At THINK Y, we believe in the power of conscious pause. By regularly stepping out of our busy-ness, we regain clarity and see the bigger picture. From this clarity, you can realign yourself and your company.

Our guiding principle is a corporate culture where employees can fully unleash their potential and are eager to do so.

Healthy corporate growth is built on the growth of its employees. This doesn't necessarily make a company big, but certainly great.

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