Nutsa Kuprava

Agile Coach

A passionate and dedicated Agile Coach with a profound background in psychology, I specialize in understanding team dynamics and driving effective teamwork in the Agile world. Currently contributing my skills to Sitecore, a San Francisco-based company, where I serve as an Agile Coach, my professional journey spans over 10 years. Over the last 5 years, I’ve delved into dynamic roles such as Scrum Master and Agile Coach, transitioning from project manager to instructional designer, enriching my ability to approach Agile transformation holistically.


Bringing Empathy to Agile Teams, a Coaching Case Study

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Sitting behind the screens all day long, we get so disconnected from the human world that we forget there are people with dreams, emotions, goals, anxieties, and day-to-day problems behind those screens. This case study introduces an innovative paradigm for team building through collaborative sessions.
The primary objective of these sessions extends beyond fostering trust, respect, and openness—they also aim to instill empathy as the  cornerstone of human interactions. This coaching case study will
unravel how these sessions facilitate meaningful interactions, enabling participants to self-reflect, learn more about each other and foster a profound sense of personal connection.



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