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Prof. Dr. Claudia Heß

Beraterin, Coach & Professorin für Digitale Transformation

IU International University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Claudia Hess is a professor of Digital Transformation at IU International University of Applied Sciences. She teaches various courses in distance learning on the application of artificial intelligence and data science, as well as courses on digital transformation. Her research interests include ethical issues in the use of AI tools. In addition to her teaching and research activities, she also works in industry. As a consultant and coach, she supports companies in their digitalisation projects and guides teams in the agile development of digital products and services. Moreover, she is passionate about encouraging girls and women to pursue a degree or career in computer science.


Trustworthy AI: Balancing Innovation and Ethical Considerations

Lean Leader Summit 2024

The use of Artificial Intelligence is currently transforming workflows across all industries, with new application scenarios hitting the headlines daily. AI-based systems take on tasks traditionally performed by humans and make decisions autonomously. This session is about the balance between technological progress and social values. We will explore real-world AI applications and discuss ethical dilemmas. To address these challenges, ethical principles essential for building trustworthy AI will be presented, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and fairness. The picture is completed with insights into current regulatory approaches and certification standards that need to be considered in the development and deployment of AI systems.


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