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Svetoslav Stamenov

Founder & Manager

ITR Management Consult OOD

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Enterprise Architecture Management, Project Management, Business Planning, Development Strategy, Application Portfolio Management and Teamwork. Strong professional with a Master’s degree focused in Industrial Management in Electronics and Communication from Technical University Varna and Master’s degree in Corporate Finances from University of Economics – Varna. Additionally holds PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.


Outsource IT Services to a Nearshore Distance

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Benefits from Outsource IT Services to a Nearshore Distance

• Pool of Skilled IT professionals
• Expertise in various technologies and domains
• Focus on Core Competencies
• Closer time zones - real-time collaboration, efficient project management
• Cost Savings - competitive pricing, reduce IT operational costs
• Similar business practices - ease communication and collaboration
• Proximity - easier travel
• Scalability - flexibility to scale up or down IT teams, adapt to changing project needs
• Faster Time-to-Market - reduce development and deployment times due to possible and flexible scales
• Business Continuity - distributed teams in different time zones can ensure business continuity 24/7.


ITR Management Consult OOD

ITR Management Consult is a limited liability company, established in Varna, Bulgaria. ITR is both an abbreviation for IT revolution and industrial technology revolution.

The main activity of the company is focused on providing dedicated nearshore IT teams, consulting and services in the field of information technologies (IT), development, sale, implementation and maintenance of software products, project management and IT portfolio management.

ITR Management Consult manages Nearshore IT Centre Varna, providing IT services to its clients, focusing on the regions of DACH, Benelux and Northern Europe, through dedicated IT teams based in Varna, Bulgaria. We are your preferred reliable nearshore partner with the necessary tech experience and regions’ knowledge from entire Europe.

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