Lean Leader Summit


Viet Duc Le

Product Manager | Digital Enthusiast | M. Sc. KIT

– KIT Master’s degree and resident in Karlsruhe

– Product Manager for the Bee360 software with a focus on Enterprise Architecture Management

– At the same time Management Consultant EAM area.

– Mission: To drive EAM maturity of our customers and ensure that our product platform meets current customer requirements

– Special challenge: Interlinking EAM with other disciplines (ITFM, SPM etc.) in the sense of holistic IT management


Strategic Synergy: Driving transformation through Integrated Enterprise Architecture

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Find out in our presentation how Witt Group with is using Bee360 to implement its corporate strategy and transformation from print to omni-channel with an integrated enterprise architecture. We will shed light on the crucial role of the IT landscape in this process and show how companies can successfully navigate into the digital future through strategic synergies.

In our presentation, we will analyse the decision between "best of breed" and a holistic approach to technology selection. Find out how both approaches influence the company's goals and what advantages and disadvantages they offer.


Bee360 a Clausmark Company

Bee360 is a solution for integrated and holistic management. Our platform integrates Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Enterprise Agile Planning (EAP), Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), and Financial Management (FM). Together it forms a Digital Twin of an Organisation (DTO). Bee360 provides a holistic overview and by connecting these areas enables our users to proactively design and transform organizations as all implications are visible, always. Based on simple, yet powerful principles, Bee360 creates resilient, adaptive organizations. Our customers execute, don’t justify!

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