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Strategy to Reality Author | Pioneer & Passionate Advocate for Strategy Execution + Business Architecture | S2E and Biz Arch Mastery Founder

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Whynde Kuehn is the Founder and Managing Director of S2E Transformation, helping organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution. She has extensive experience in enterprise transformation and planning and is a passionate advocate for using business architecture to enable effective strategy execution and digital transformation.  Whynde is a long-time business architecture practitioner, educator, author, recognized global thought leader, and community builder, with extensive experience applying the discipline at leading Fortune 500 and global enterprises, governmental and non-profit organizations, and a range of entrepreneurs, social enterprises, and cross-sector initiatives. She is the Founder of Biz Arch Mastery, a dedicated online platform and community that helps professionals master the art and science of business architecture. She is also a Fellow with the Institute for Digital Transformation, Co-Founder at Business Architecture Associates, Senior Consultant for Cutter Consortium, and Co-Founder, Vice President, and Academic Chair of the Business Architecture Guild. Whynde is author of the book Strategy to Reality, being published in 2022. Whynde is exceptionally passionate about assisting mission-driven organizations in succeeding and scaling through the application of solid business approaches. Likewise, she routinely inspires corporate entities to use business as a force for good.


Transformation Takes a Village: The Power of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Lean Leader Summit 2024

It takes a village to succeed with transformation. Transformation is a collective effort requiring diverse perspectives and collaboration across functions and disciplines. Often though, we approach this monumental endeavor through the narrow scope of our individual roles or perspectives, inadvertently overlooking the holistic view essential for success.

Successful transformation demands that everyone has a unified understanding of where the organization is today, where it is going in the future, and how it will get there – and how their role uniquely contributes to the outcomes. Successful digital transformation requires interdisciplinary collaboration, which leads to insights and outcomes that are greater than the sum of the parts.

In this session, we will explore the value of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to transformation, what it looks like, and how business architecture serves as a critical enabler. Finally, we will discuss practical steps that can be taken to move these insights into action.


S2E Transformation Inc.

S2E Transformation Inc. is an established consulting practice accelerating successful business transformations, with a focus on Fortune 500 companies. We founded S2E to help clients bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and achieve their greatest visions for business transformation in a practical and business-focused way. We use business architecture as a foundation for translating strategies into a coordinated set of designs, plans and business and IT execution across the enterprise—and we are recognized pioneers and leaders in the discipline. S2E helps clients to design and plan business-driven transformations and optimize the strategy execution life cycle. Having helped many organizations on their business architecture journeys, we are also invaluable partners to help you create and mature your own in-house business architecture practice including teaching you how to introduce the discipline, build business architecture blueprints, and apply them for real business results. Transformation starts with big visions and strategies, but the organizations that can execute upon them in a coordinated way, with agility, will win. The ability to move strategy into action, and constantly innovate and adapt to change, has now become a competitive advantage in itself.

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