Yao Schultz-Zheng

Co-Creation Advocate: V2X eMaaS and Smart City Sharing Circular Economy

Yao is a holistic, pragmatic and passionate lean enterprise architect across software, hardware and
EE industrial boundaries. She has the vision for a sustainable enterprise, the ability of creative
problem solving and a keen sense for crafting meaningful simplicity out of complexity.
After finishing her studies in M.S. E.E. and physics, she started her professional career as an ALM
and software architect at Hewlett-Packard Germany, and then moved to BMW Group Germany,
where she build her career path towards an enterprise architect in a systematic bottom-up process,
beginning as an EAI architect, followed by technology porƞolio and infrastructure architect, later as
an enterprise process and information security solution architect and, finally as business and lean
digital transformation architect.
In 2020, she founded E-Mobility Sharing Economy Services. Her mission has been to advise
automobile OEM leaders on their path to succeeding in holisƟc digital transformaƟon and shaping
future mobility in a sustainable circular economy.
She has been pushing for years the compliance-/security-by-design, and risk-based soŌware-defined
hybrid BizDevOps development and quality maturity level lifecycle management approaches to align
IT, OT and IoT sectors to ensure QoS of interconnected operation of connected systems.


LEAN Leadership 5.0 in the era of sustainable digital transformation

Lean Leader Summit 2024

A LEAN LEADER 5.0 is capable of understanding both current and future challenges with a holistic perspective, mastering creative problem-solving skills to tackle problems at their roots, and, on this basis, involving stakeholders to adapt business strategy and related enterprise architecture, setting up a governance structure and EAM, and initiating projects to undergo continuous changes for sustainable growth.

Coming from the mass production era (1940 – 1950), LEAN PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT encompasses identifying value, mapping the value stream, creating flow, establishing a pull system, and striving for continuous improvement (https://businessmap.io/lean-management/).

Different from a LEAN PRODUCTION MANAGER whose main focus has been to keep efficiency and cost down, but with less concern about potential risks and opportunities, a LEAN LEADER 5.0 paves the way for more resilience in business by taking not only cost but also risks and opportunities into consideration. To achieve this, it establishes a stringent process and system landscape to enable data-driven decision-making.

Mrs. Yao Schultz-Zheng, Independent Management Advisory @ E-Mobility Sharing Economy Service, will present a case study and take the audience on her journey of creative problem-solving by applying the TOGAF enterprise architecture method.


EMSES (E-Mobility Sharing Economy Service)

EMSES is a Lean Industry 5.0 Boutique Advisory Service Firm. We accompany OEM CXO stakeholders
to analyse current and future challenges, lead partners to agree a strategy for sustainable growth,
develop lean ecosystem, enterprise and solution architecture on all levels to implement strategy
systematically and emerge stronger out of current crisis together.
Furthermore, we advise International Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Associations to set ESG
and homologation standards across industrial sectors, define measures and initiate collaboration
projects to become ESG ecosystem facilitator and gatekeeper.

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