Christian Büchner

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

SachsenEnergie AG

Christian Büchner has been leading the IT department of SachsenEnergie AG since 2020. Together with over 200 IT experts, he provides IT services of all kinds to more than 15 companies within SachsenEnergie across all media and market roles. As a passionate leader, Christian Büchner is dedicated to building strong IT teams, attracting top talent to Dresden, and shaping the transformation in both the IT world and the energy sector. Starting as a strategy consultant, he has broad experience in optimizing the interface between business and IT and in building modern IT operational models. Since taking office in 2020, he has restructured SachsenEnergie’s IT several times to meet current challenges such as corporate mergers, a pandemic, or multiple technology transformations, while continuing to support the growth of SachsenEnergie as the largest municipal utility in eastern Germany.


Modular Architectures: A Curse or a Blessing for the CIO?

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Scarce IT resources, a growing number of IT requirements, and an increasingly complex IT landscape – this is the situation many CIOs are facing today. Modular IT architectures can provide relief, promising faster IT developments and greater flexibility. But how realistic is the path to achieving this in the heavily regulated environment of a transforming energy sector? Where are the limits? Christian Büchner, CIO of SachsenEnergie AG, and Erik Köhler, Lead Enterprise Architect, provide insight into implementation and potential pitfalls.


SachsenEnergie AG

Wir bei SachsenEnergie sind regionaler Leistungsführer in der Energiebranche und sorgen mit modernen, marktgerechten Lösungen rund um Strom, Gas, Wärme, Wasser, Telekommunikation, Elektromobilität und Smart Services für beste Lebensqualität in unserer Heimat. Dabei setzen sich über 3.700 Mitarbeiter*innen täglich für die umfassende Daseinsvorsorge der Menschen und Betriebe in Dresden und der Region ein. Als größter Kommunalversorger Ostdeutschlands verstehen wir uns als Gestalter einer intelligenten Energiewende und treiben das Wachstum erneuerbarer Energien kontinuierlich voran, investieren in den Ausbau regionaler Infrastruktur und garantieren mit den Netzen der Zukunft die Versorgungssicherheit von morgen.

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