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Hartmut König

CTO Central Europe

Hartmut König supports companies in their digital transformation and the provision of outstanding customer experiences. His vision is to translate the possibilities of current and future technologies into inspiring customer experiences in times of digital transformation. He sees the availability of large amounts of data as the key to the success of this strategy, enabling relevant content to be provided and activated through artificial intelligence.
Hartmut König began his career at Adobe back in 2004 and is now CTO Central Europe. In addition to his many years of experience in consulting and project management, Hartmut König has actively accompanied Adobe’s own digital transformation process since 2008.
During his time at Adobe, Hartmut König held various management positions and was responsible for projects in the areas of consulting, pre-sales solutions consulting and as Director of the Specialist Sales Team.
Other important stations in his career were m+s Elektronik AG, Objective Software and SDL.


Customer Experience & Gen AI

Lean Leader Summit 2024

"The right message at the right time" has been the promise of digital marketing for many years. However, our everyday experiences show us that many companies fail to deliver on this promise. They fail because of the complexity of the simple equation:
The existing DATA is inaccessible. The CONTENT is limited in terms of quantity and characteristics.
And the intelligence for assigning DATA to CONTENT in real time fails due to the number of possible combinations.
This is the area that Generative AI promises to address.
Adobe has taken on and mastered this task as part of the conversion of its own business model. Along the way, a new technology platform, the Adobe Experience Cloud, and a new model of corporate management, the Data Driven Operating Model, were created.


Adobe Europe

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