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Magic Software is a global company that has been providing companies with intelligent technology for over 40 years. Magic offers innovative and future-proof solutions for data integration, data management, EDI and low-code development to bring together all the strategic and operational data available in the company into a secure decision-making basis in real time and thus always stay one step ahead of the competition in the digitalization race. With Magic, CIOs and IT managers can not only easily meet their diverse requirements, but also become business enablers, enabling managers and employees to obtain all relevant information at the touch of a button and make timely, data- and fact-based decisions.


CIO 2.0 – evolving from IT Leader to Driver of Digital Transformation

Lean Leader Summit 2024

Data is becoming one of the most important assets for companies, therefore the role of IT has changed from pure information management to the foundation of strategic decision-making. This creates enormous pressure on IT leaders. They must become strategic and innovative thought leaders in digital transformation. Magic Software supports IT managers in this challenging task by providing the data foundation and effective data management to transform companies into data-driven organizations. With the help of data integration & management, CIOs become business enablers and can thus increase agility, optimize business processes, promote innovation and improve competitiveness. They also create a solid data basis for business intelligence (BI), environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects and artificial intelligence (AI), turning them from challenges into success factors. Discover, how IT leaders master the balancing act between technology and business!


Peter Ertl

Peter Ertl

SVP Sales Central Europe
Magic Software Enterprises (Deutschland) GmbH
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