Lean CIO and IT Leader Summit 2024

The Exchange & Networking Area for CIOs and thought leaders

CIOs & EAs | AI & Data | Lean & Agile Ops

Networking & exchange ideas with CIOs, Digital Leaders, Business & Enterprise & Solution Architects, Data & AI Experts and Lean managers. Get inspired by the experts’ experience on new trends (digitalization, AI/ML, business transformation, CIO trends, agile execution, culture & motivation …) and set tomorrow’s IT, Business and EAM standards with us.

Networking Dinner

July 3, 2024

6 pm – 10 pm CEST

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1
81829 Munich


July 4, 2024

8.30 am – 6 pm CEST

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1
81829 Munich


Unlocking the Power of Exchange: Our Core Topics for Inspiration, Collaboration, and Growth

CIOs & EAs

AI & Data

Lean & Agile Ops


How enterprise architecture supports sustainability in IT?

Dr. Selmin Danış Öncül – Head of Enterprise Architecture Corporate, E.ON Digital Technology

Transformation Takes a Village: The Power of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Whynde Kuehn – Strategy to Reality Author | Pioneer & Passionate Advocate for Strategy Execution + Business Architecture | S2E and Biz Arch Mastery Founder, S2E Transformation | Business Architecture Guild

Beyond Change: Leading multiple transformation strategies for an agile and future-ready digital organization

Eva Garske – Senior Enterprise Architect, C&A Services GmbH & Co. OHG

Enterprise Architecture Governance: EA Center of Excellence

Dr. Peter Hillmann – Deputy Director and Scientific Supervisor, Bundeswehr University Munich

Strategic Thinking: A Key Ingredient in Enterprise Architecture

Frank Rehfeldt – Enterprise Solutions Architect, Atruvia AG

Trustworthy AI: Balancing Innovation and Ethical Considerations

Prof. Dr. Claudia Heß – Beraterin, Coach & Professorin für Digitale Transformation, IU International University of Applied Sciences

How to set up an impactful collaborative Enterprise Architecture practice

Dr. Wolfgang Göbl – President, Intersection Group

Games leaders' play

Dr. Markus Schmotz – Agile-Lean-catalyst, Wertwandler GmbH

.. and many more


Get inspired by the power of experts’ experience on new trends

Dr. Selmin Danış Öncül

E.ON Digital Technology

Head Enterprise Architecture Corporate

Whynde Kuehn

S2E Transformation Inc.

Founder and Managing Director

Mike Schröter

PlanetHome Group GmbH

Global Digital & Information Officer (CIO/CDO)

Dr. Petra Zimmermann

Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU

Vice Director, Digital Transformation, Environmental Data

Tanja Konrad


Intelligent Cloud Lead

Eva Garske


Senior Enterprise Architect

Dr. Peter Hillmann

Bundeswehr University Munich

Deputy Director and Scientific Supervisor

Cristina Popa


Strategic Advisor / Partner at Consistency

Christian Büchner

SachsenEnergie AG

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Erik Köhler

SachsenEnergie AG

Enterprise- and Software Architect

Frank Rehfeldt

Atruvia AG

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Prof. Dr. Claudia Heß

IU International University of Applied Sciences

Beraterin, Coach & Professorin für Digitale Transformation

Sebastian Hanschke

Munich Airport

Head of Enterprise Architecture, Test & T2P Management

Melanie Wohnert


Managing Partner

Dr. Markus Schmotz

Wertwandler GmbH

Agile-Lean Catalyst

Dr. Wolfgang Göbl

Intersection Group


Svetoslav Stamenov

ITR Management Consult OOD

Founder and Manager

Inge Hanschke

Lean42 CIO Advisory

Chief IT-Management Consultant & Autorin

Jean Gehring

Lean42 CIO Advisory

Chief Architect, Global Managing Partner

Karsten Voges

Lean42 CIO Advisory

CEO, Conference Chair

Call for Submission!

Share your experiences, inspire participants and expand your network of experts. We are looking for exciting topics and practical experiences directly from your everyday work. We are looking for you!

Premium Partners

Meet leading vendors in person on site

Meet your tool suppliers on site and get advice from experts. Network with IT leaders and be inspired by the wide range of opportunities and conversations in the showroom.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Access to thought leaders, networking and a great exhibition!

Renowned companies have enriched our conference in recent years!

The multifunctional showroom is the central point of the conference for interaction, recreation and accessibility. Besides the breaks, the showroom is mainly used as a place for networking through conversations and as a exchange area for CIOs & thought leaders with conference participants and exhibitors!

Dinner the evening before: Come together in a relaxed atmosphere!

Get to know the participants and network over a casual get-together.

We welcome you on the eve of the conference in a cozy round with a culinary buffet. Here we get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the evening together in summery temperatures.

Networking Dinner

July 3, 2024

6 pm – 10 pm CEST

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1
81829 Munich

Directions & Parking

How to find us

Parking Riem Arcaden

5 minutes away from the venue:

Willy-Brandt-Platz 5

81829 Munich


0711 / 305 70 305

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  • 2nd part of an hour 1,00 €
  • 3rd started hour 1,50 €
  • Each additional hour 2,00 €
  • Maximum amount per day 17,00 €

Parking H-Hotels

Directly at the venue:

Konrad-Zuse-Platz 14
81829 Munich

Access via "Graf-zu-Castell-Str. 30"

Parking rates H-Hotels:

  • for a maximum of € 18.00 per day


Any Questions?

Contact us!

Karsten Voges

Executive Partner

Conference Chair

Nane Charrad

Marketing & Communication


Premium Partners

Meet leading vendors in person on site

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